Caring For The North Vancouver Community


Cam Clark Automotive’s Charity Work

Here at Cam Clark North Vancouver, we know that we would have never experienced our level of success if it weren’t for the communities that have so diligently supported us along the way—and that’s why we are always looking for opportunities to give back. After all, these are our communities; where we were born and raised, and where we live today. From the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, to local organizations near-and-dear to our hearts, we want to leave a positive impact on our communities any way we can.


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We are very thankful for all those on the front lines that are keeping us safe during this pandemic. Ford Canada has repurposed the Windsor Facility to produce Face Shields, and that Ford Dealers had the opportunity to request for a certain quantity to donate in their communities. We were able to get our hands on 300, and donate them to the RCMP North Vancouver Detachment, where they will be distributed among the Officers, and other Essential Services around the NorthShore and West Vancouver.

Who We Work With

Harvest Project

Established in 1993 with the motto of “extending a hand up, not a handout,” Harvest Project has been providing relief and assistance to Vancouver residents for almost thirty years! This year, Cam Clark North Vancouver has pledged $10,000 to support the at-risk residents of our beautiful community. To learn more about how you can help, just give us a call.

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Our Future Endeavors

These are just a few of the community organizations that we work alongside; feel free to bookmark this page, and check back in the future to see what other charities we work with to make our communities happier, healthier, and stronger!
If you have a cause that you think improves the community, use the form below to contact your local Cam Clark Automotive dealership and let us know. While we’re aware we can’t help everyone, we can and will certainly try!
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